Design & Making is a series of essays exploring the importance of craft and design today published by Danish Crafts. Editor-in-Chief Max Fraser, editors Birgitte Jahn, Kristian Kastoft, Anders Kongskov Olsen, Nina Tolstrup. Contributors Daniel Charny, Magnus Englund, Grant Gibson, Lesley Jackson, Birgitte Jahn, William KnightLibby Sellers and Paul de Zwart.

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Published by the V&A Museum to coincide with the exhibition Power of Making, opening September 6 2011, this series of essays edited and introduced by Daniel Charny includes new pieces by anthropologist Danny Miller, cultural historian and educationalist  Christopher Frayling, Applied arts historian Martina Margetts, curator and artist  Ele Carpenter, science fiction author  Bruce Sterling and a recently conducted interview with Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms Neil Gershenfeld. The images selected from the exhibits are accompanied by short poetic captions commissioned from author Patricia Rodriguez. Designed by Oscar & Ewan. For full details check here.

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Curated for The Aram Gallery Material Table will present the material sample library from David Adjaye’s practice. Taken as is from their offices and located across the gallery space the timber, glass, metal, fabric and plastic samples, along side unique sample experiments will serve to offer insights into one of the most significant and emotive aspects of this creative architectural practice. The catalogue includes David Adjaye in conversation with Daniel Charny talking about materials and methods.

1851 + 1946 + 1981 = DESIGNERS FROM BRITAIN

‘1851 + 1946 + 1981 = Designers From Britian’ was the chapter title initially suggested for an essay charting out the key influences that have lead to the current world leading talent of product designers coming from Britain and its design education system. Now titled ‘Can Britain Still Make It’ it is the title for the product and furniture chapter by Daniel Charny for  Design in Britain.  Introduction by Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum with contributions from Wally Olins, Simon Waterfall, Susannah Frankel, Rick Poynor, Daniel Charny, Andrew Nahum, Paola Antonelli. Yet to be published by Octopus publishing group this new book: “with each chapter written by an international expert in that field, is the most comprehensive account of what it is that has given Britain a special place in design.” (from

Phiadon Design Classics

In 2006, Daniel Charny contributed to Phaidon’s Design Classics – a comprehensive collection of three books examining some of the best products ever made.