Konstfack university college of arts, crafts and design is reflecting on locality in a global design and art world. Daniel Charny will be among a group of panelists invited by Ivar Björkman, President of Konstfack since 2003 to take part in a public round table discussion about the role of geographical location in art, craft and design. It’s a pertinent question for design and art education especially in these times when there is increasing pressure by governing bodies and students alike to demonstrate value. Among the panelists are: Liesbeth den Besten, Dan Fern, Søren Grammel, Davide Quadrio, LouiseSchouwenberg, Annika von Taube and Marco Velardi.


This year Roberto Feo and Daniel Charny set Platform 10’s underlying theme as The BookClub. After reading excerpts from: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut; The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore; Writings by Vilém Flusser; Myths of the Near Future by J.G. Ballard; Species of Spaces and other stories by George Perec; Ubik by Philip K Dick; Cultural Resistance (Editor Michel Ducombe) by Ricardo Dominguez; Password by Jean Baudrillard; and in particular Losing Blue by Haruki Murakami and The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester, the first and second year MA students embarked on a project called “A future of…” and so far some exciting ideas looking into the future of self diagnostics, makers guilds, insomnia and lighting in public spaces to name a few.(images by Roberto Feo from the start of year presentation)

Royal College of Art graduates in Design Products, students of Roberto Feo and Daniel Charny
in Platform 10 presented diverse and progressive work in the degree show of 2010. The show was well received, but what will the next step be for these promising starts?
Here are some further projects: pulp furniture experiments by Iain Howlett ; Florie Salnot‘s Saharawis plastic bottle project, Hina Thibaud’s watch and see project and George Fereday compressed earth coffin.
RCA graduates in Design Products, students of Roberto Feo and Daniel Charny
presented diverse and progressive work in the degree show of 2010. The show was well received, but what will the next step be for these promising starts?

Here are some of the projects: a Compost Distiller by Lisa Johansson, a hair fidgeting substitute
from a series of therapeutic elements by Billur Turan and furniture constructions by David Amar .

Lisa Johansson-Compost Distiller RCA P10 2010 Charny FeoBillur Turan RCA 2010 P10 Charny FeoDavid Amar RCA P10 2010 Charny Feo show 2


A two days workshop led Daniel Charny and Tord Boontje of the Royal College of Art provided an opportunity for participants to work intensively on design processes. This one off workshop was part of the events and education programme around Ron Arad’s exhibition Restless at the Barbican.



As a response to increasing requests for socially directed design activity, Daniel Charny and Roberto Feo set their design students on the MA at the Royal College of Art  a new project to engage with an organisation that is close to their heart. They are asked to develop their understanding of what this organisation is aiming for and then to design one thing that will help achieve the goals. Among the organisations the students have chosen are the socially responsible business activist Carrotmob, Surfers Against Sewage, South to North Korea peace through food initiative and a Bulgarian local crafts service NZKBG…more info as the project develops.


Daniel Charny was invited to give a talk about curating contemporary design at Barcelona’s Industrial Design Association based in the beautiful FAD complex by the MACBA. Chaired by Dr. Viviana Narotzky of ADI FAD, Charny reviewed his experience from recent years and presented current thoughts of working in the field of curating contemporary design using examples from projects involving Spanish designers in shows such as the group show Conversational Spanish, Stage by Jaime Hayon, Tenerife Design Festival and most recently the solo show of Javier Mariscal – Drawing Life for the Design Museum London. PODCAST OF TALK



Daniel Charny and Roberto Feo take Platform 10 students from RCA to Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009 this April to assemble Crisis Shop. A display of pieces designed as responses to the question ‘What qualifies as a Crisis?, each invests in the means to respond to crises at large.
Platform 10.

Crisis Shop. Sold Out!:
22nd-27th April 10am to 9pm daily

Seves glassblock showroom
Via Lodovico il Moro, 25/27 – 20143 Milano


Platform 10 takes to the hotel stage once more, this third year of collaboration with Simon Warrington of ANDAZ.

Private View is an insight into the workings of the designers thinking process. A series of short films made as sketches for new designs that are concerned with personal space. Each one is an intimate creative experience that stirs, provokes and kicks off ideas. It is a raw part of the process of young designers thinking about the future of domestic spaces. The projects are presented in speacial locations around the hotel, including staircases and elevator entrances. The show is on and open to public till 14 May.


Signs of Change in Singapore

Signs of Change in Singapore was a five day workshop with the LASALLE University product and interior design students in their amazing new building. The students explored ideas about the future of their city by story-boarding a day in their life when they will be over 50 years old. Each one chose a cultural, technical or social change to follow and imagined the type of institutes that will be part of Singapore in 30 years or more. They then designed a public sign naming the institute and giving it a heritage sign type icon. Some of them looked at the future of housing, other transport and food culture. One of the interesting aspects that came through was the fear of an overload of virtual life which was evident in proposals such as the Meet-for-Real place.


The signs were placed in the vicinity of the campus with prospects of being embedded into the actual city at a later stage. The workshop was commissioned by the British Council Curator Catherine Ince and Dan Prichard, Director, Creativity and Innovation in Singapore. The students were all very much engaged and the workshop enjoyed the great support of Xinwei, an energetic tutor, that helped us get the signs made to a very nice standard. This is the second Signs of Change workshop, the first was conceived and co-directed with Artist Gabriel Klasmer in 2005 with the design students at Lund LTH.