The Royal College of Physicians building by Denys Lasdun has a new reception desk, designed by Daniel Charny and Martino Gamper. The Corian slab design houses all the digital security, communication and electrical equipment that has accumulated since the original 1964 marble desk first sported a single receptionist with one telephone line.



A new type of exhibition curated for a long-lasting continuously changing commercial programme at The Aram Gallery. In response to the limitations of the limited edition trend, The Aram Gallery will be showing unique pieces selected while on visits to designers studios. For more about the concept and the first selection please visit the exhibition NOW on at the gallery website.



Platform 10 takes to the hotel stage once more, this third year of collaboration with Simon Warrington of ANDAZ.

Private View is an insight into the workings of the designers thinking process. A series of short films made as sketches for new designs that are concerned with personal space. Each one is an intimate creative experience that stirs, provokes and kicks off ideas. It is a raw part of the process of young designers thinking about the future of domestic spaces. The projects are presented in speacial locations around the hotel, including staircases and elevator entrances. The show is on and open to public till 14 May.



Why design more chairs? was one of the key questions raised while chairing a talk at the Barbican about the relationship designers have to chairs. This talk was part of the education programme around the Hans Schabus exhibition, in which he wall-mounted on to the impressive curve gallery hundreds of chairs into a seating layout of a commercial plane. The talk offered the chance to meet art historian Margit Emesz who wrote the text accompanying the exhibition; Tim Oldman designer that has made his way to management and is currently the Design Director of Vitra UK and Martino Gamper designer of the 100 Chairs in 100 days and winner of the Design Museums Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Furniture award last month.

Royal College of Physicians

The Royal College of Physicians, has commissioned Affinity, which is a new collaboration between Designers Daniel Charny and Martino Gamper to design of a new reception desk at the Denys Lasadun building in Regent’s Park.


Urban Salon with Daniel Charny

Working with Daniel Charny in 2007, Urban Salon reached the fourth round of the RIBA competition to design the Royal College of Art Battersea North site.

The brief was for a £19 million building that contained studio and retail space, start up atelier units, and a lecture theatre to be built over three phases.

The team researched into the history of the existing South Kensington building, and then incorporated successful characteristics from here into the new proposal.

To find out more, visit the Urban Salon website.


Phiadon Design Classics

In 2006, Daniel Charny contributed to Phaidon’s Design Classics – a comprehensive collection of three books examining some of the best products ever made.



ACCIDENTAL COLLECTORS curated for the Aram Gallery presented the personal collections of seven designers and artists, not of their work but the things they collect and mostly keep to themselves. This included the 48 puncture repair kits of Nigel Shafran, the 84 tin oil lamps of Tony Hayward, the 312 clothes pegs of Yoav Ziv and Gad Charny, a selection of 40 pinnies from Jesssica Ogden’s 400+ aprons, the Aladdin colour-separated glass vessels collection of Stuart Haygarth and file boxes full of the typographically-nuanced shapes and parts of objects from the studio of Paul Elliman.

The unexpected collected items, that serve to inspire their guardians, were presented during March 2007 and reflect The Aram Gallery’s ongoing curiosity about design thinking.

The exhibition design by Peter Marigold was complemented by a pamphlet edited by Daniel Charny, supported by The Arts Council of England, which included short essays by Yaacov Kaufman, Libby Sellers, Michael Marriot, Tony Hayward and a conversation between Paul Elliman and Anna Colins


Slow Water by Platform 10

Slow Water was a responsible design brief set by Feo and Charny for the Royal College of Art student group platform 10 and resulted in 14 new design concepts. The research and the prototypes were presented in a unique exhibition, supported by Innovation RCA, that rippled to wide acclaim during the London Design Festival of September 2007.

The students were offered a brief to ‘slow water down between the sky and the sea’, and to consider changes to the way people use and think about water in their day to day life. This included ideas about the future of showering with less water and efficient rain water management for private gardening alongside communication projects for raising awareness to the impacts of indulgent domestic water consumption.

Two of the students projects from Slow Water have since been picked up by progressive industry, and the project is still generating attention from press and publishers… for more details check out the report on treehugger or visit the platform 10.


On the occasion of the opening The Royal Institution of Great Britain hosted a talk with Karen Blincoe and Daniel Charny on Designing for Sustainability with a focus on questioning the roles of designers and design education.

Platform 10 2008 NUCLEUS