Next week, From Now On will be working from South Africa, with the British Council Connect ZA team, to launch the The Maker Library Network on the EXPO events stage of Design Indaba. and as part of the events opening the World Design Capital 2014.

The project has developed exponentially since our small sketch last October. Six Maker Libraries across the UK and South Africa are ready to go as the foundation for a new open design platform that connects makers across the UK and South Africa. To do so, we’re setting up a series of stimulating creative environments that combine a makespace, gallery and library, and regularly collaborate with an online community of makers and mentors.

The British Council team will also be launching an Open Call in search of new librarians in South Africa to join and set up their own Maker Libraries and grow the network. If you are in Cape Town, come visit our librarians Heath Nash and Tetsuo Mukai from Study O Portable at Guild, or Thingking at Design Indaba. In the UK, please check out our MLs at Makerversity London with Candyce, at MAKlab in Glasgow with Richard, or in the courtyard of GRAS in Edinburgh with Gunnar and Stuart. More info on the Open Call Soon.


Earlier this year, Daniel Charny was invited by the British Council Arts team to visit South Africa and come up with a proposal for the design and makers strand of their Connect ZA Programme, headed by Tom Porter and managed by Sarah Mann. A team including curator Catriona Duffy of Panel, designer Mil Stricevic and architects Stuart Falconer of GRAS and James Binning of Assemble travelled together to Jo’burg and Capetown, met fantastic people and visited significant places for the creative community.

A few months later and From Now On are happily working closely with the BC’s Arts teams in the UK and SA. The first sketch of the project ,code name The Maker Library Network and aimed at creating connections between young creatives and audiences in the UK and South Africa has just taken place at the Open Government Partnership Summit with ThingKing in Cape Town and Makerversity in London. More about this exciting open design network project soon.

You can check out the very first sketch trial mock up doodle experiment on and tell us what you think !


University for the Creative Arts Research & Enterprise invited Daniel Charny to give one of two keynote presentations alongside musician Matthew Herbert on their Staff Conference Customise! themed day. The talk entitled [Insert Title Here] was a joint conversation/presentation with Professor Ulrich Lehmann surveying and reflecting on the impact of MC (Mass Customisation).

Curating for THE GREAT RECOVERY, Inviting BRIGHT SPARKS and Launching

Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) Design Directors Nat Hunter and Sophie Matthews commissioned Daniel Charny to curate the stand of their new perception changing initiative The Great Recovery at 100% Design 2012. The stand, designed by Thomas.Matthews, presented a collaboration with Islington Council’s repair and reuse shop Bright Sparks founded by Diye Wariebi of Digibridge combining a 3d printer making missing parts (see first pict below of Jim with his Emaker Huxley). Other exhibits included new designs reusing discarded components by recent RCA graduate Gaspard Tine-Beres and hosted the launch of pilot project (more about how this project soon).


Lodz Design Festival, Forum Design and Architecture, 19.10.12 Targowa 35, IV floor, will be hosting a series of talks curated by Maria Jeglinska interrogating what the Economist recently titled the Third Industrial Revolution. Speakers include: Aaron Makaruk, Antonia Nottenbohm, Jacek KolodziejskiNitzan Cohen, Johanna Agerman RossPrzemyslaw “Mac” Stopa and Daniel Charny. Charny will be presenting the thinking behind the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition Power of Making and talking about attitudes to making and skills in the 21st century. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

‘It seems we are in the midst of a great awakening of making, or even as some have declared the dawn of the next (maker driven?) industrial revolution.

The reality is that although most people can make, most just don’t. In fact fewer and fewer people, especially those who live in cities, actually know how to make the things they use, need or want; or even how these things are made. This is one of the most dramatic and unfortunate legacies of the Industrial Revolution which has shaped the world we live in. Distance and lack of understanding are impacting also on governments and educational institutions, which are failing to see that making is very much part of the future. Making is the universal infrastructure of production – be it technical or artistic, scientific or cultural. Making is a type of applied thinking that is at the core of creating new knowledge of all kinds, and the sensibilities of making should actively be made a part of our future.’


This years London Design Festival started for Daniel Charny with the curating of the Great Recovery stand for RSA at 100% Design, designed by Thomas Matthews; then talking at the first Global Design Forum with Thomas Heatherwick about working with clients; the next day with Monocle’s design editor Hugo Macdonald about the LDF role in generating new work see podcast on Section D #50. Day 5 as ‘Design Brain’ on Dezeen Live with Marcus Fairs talking about authenticity; Day 6 was judging and presenting at Be Open Think Tank design awards; and day 6 was the most exciting launching of the new initiative with James Carrigan and the amazing Fixperts team.


Design & Making is a series of essays exploring the importance of craft and design today published by Danish Crafts. Editor-in-Chief Max Fraser, editors Birgitte Jahn, Kristian Kastoft, Anders Kongskov Olsen, Nina Tolstrup. Contributors Daniel Charny, Magnus Englund, Grant Gibson, Lesley Jackson, Birgitte Jahn, William KnightLibby Sellers and Paul de Zwart.

[images from Design & Making graphic design by Richard Ardagh Studio]

Fiona Raby recently appointed Professor of Industrial Design at University of Applied Arts Vienna is hosting a series of presentations and conversations about design process and future titled REAL FICTION first session was with Konstantin Grcic & Eva Rucki (Troika) then with Rosario Hurtado (El Ultimo Grito) & Daniel Charny and final session with Clive Van Heerden (VHM Design Futures/Philips Design Probes) & James Auger (Auger Loizeau). Among the lively bright audience were Fidel Peugeot (Walking Chair), Christine Schwaiger, Tulga Beyerle (Vienna Design week), Hermann Weizenegger and Bjorn Franke.

Invited by Peter Griffith to do a friday morning talk at Nokia London headquarters, the conversation following the presentation was one of the more interesting I have experienced in the run of Power of Making talks. It brought up pertinent comments on perceptions of making in the future and I was struck by the dynamic positive outlook regarding designers involvement in production level understanding and detailing. Images of POM at V&A .


The Science Museum of London is planning an ambitious museum experience to tell the story of the Large Hadron Collider. As part of figuring out how to do this they invited a group of ‘creatives’ including Daniel Charny to join them on a very special visit to see the LHC control room and the experiments surrounding it. The kit is amazing but what it is really all about is the thousands of bright people from and around the world who share the goal to further knowledge.